About NanoVNA V2

NanoVNA V2 is a low cost 3GHz T/R vector network analyzer developed by HCXQS in collaboration with OwOComm. The V2 hardware is a new from-scratch design and is not based on the original NanoVNA by edy555. Compared to the original NanoVNA, V2 does not use harmonics for measurements and achieves higher dynamic range.

NanoVNA V2


HCXQS is the official manufacturer of the S-A-A-2 (NanoVNA V2), and is the only manufacturer that fund the development team.

As of September 2020 most Aliexpress sellers are selling clones, many of which perform badly, and some users have reported incompatibility with the official firmware.

Official stores:

Official store on Tindie

Official store on Taobao (NanoVNA V2 唯一官方淘宝店)

NanoVNA V2 Support Forum

Note that OwOComm does not manufacture V2 devices and does not provide direct technical support. Please use the above support forum or click "Contact Seller" on the Tindie page.


Accuracy comparison between NanoVNA V2 and HP-8753E by DD1US

groups.io thread about the NanoVNA V2

Basic usage

NanoVNA V2 Video Tutorials

VNA basics

A VNA (Vector Network Analyzer) measures the frequency dependent reflected and transmitted power of a high frequency network (RF Network).

The NanoVNA V2 measures the following:

The following items that can be calculated from these can be displayed:

Required components

To use the NanoVNA V2 for one port measurements (e.g. antenna impedance), you will need the following:

Performing measurements

The basic operation and menu structure of the NanoVNA V2 is identical to the original NanoVNA.

User manual

A detailed user guide is available here:


Hardware revisions

You can check your hardware revision by selecting CONFIG > VERSION in the menu.

Name Status Remarks
V2.2 Available The first production revision of the V2 PCB. Currently sold in the official stores above.
V2 Plus Planned 2x faster sweep (200 points/s). Noise improvements. PCB text still indicates "V2_2".
V2 Plus4 Planned 4 inch display, 4x faster sweep (400 points/s), frequency range extended to 4GHz. Dynamic range improved to 70dB up to 3GHz. Includes metal enclosure and contains a battery holder for a standard 18650 lithium-ion battery.


NanoVNA V2 firmware releases:


NanoVNA-QT (PC software) releases:


NanoVNA Saver:


Schematics and PCB layout

The schematics and PCB layout files are available here:


Permission is granted to use the design commercially and non-commercially without royalties. However, note that it is in your interest and everyone's interest to abide by basic business ethics.


For technical support please use the NanoVNA V2 support forum

Discord: https://discord.gg/DUH5Xk5