About NanoRFE Foundation


NanoRFE Foundation funds the development of open source and affordable microwave test equipment and communications technology.

We are a sponsor of several communications research institutes including Nyaatech Research and OwOComm.

We are an independent manufacturer of test equipment designed by the open source community, and we work closely with original design engineers to ensure our products perform to design objectives.

Organizations we support

The following are the organizations and projects we are - at the moment - funding:


OwOComm focuses on the low levels of communications systems, developing the fundamental building blocks that go into a modern OFDM based data link, such as transceiver hardware, FFT/DSP cores, and AXI infrastructure cores. OwOComm has additional expertise in cost optimized RF test equipment design.

Nyaatech Research

Nyaatech Research deals with cutting edge communications systems research. The current ongoing projects at Nyaatech are related to analog source-channel coding for low latency video applications.