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Beware of cheap underperforming clones

As of January 2022 all non-Plus/Plus4 hardware are clones (we have stopped producing older versions since October 2020), many of which perform badly, and users have reported software/firmware incompatibility. If a clone is selling for much cheaper than the official store it likely uses salvaged or reject parts and will not meet specifications. See official store and look for V2 Plus/Plus4 versions only to avoid getting a bad clone.



NanoVNA-QT (VNA View) is the native software for the NanoVNA V2 Plus/Plus4 and allows adjustable sweep points and firmware updating.

software software

Only guaranteed to be compatible with V2 hardware listed here.

On Windows, please run CypressDriverInstaller_1.exe first to install the USB-CDC driver. On Linux and MacOS, no drivers are needed. Download and run .AppImage or .dmg directly.

Windows driver (CypressDriverInstaller_1.exe)

If using Windows 10, you may need to update your NanoVNA firmware to the latest version.

Download 20200507 (Latest version)

NanoVNA Saver

NanoVNA Saver supports both V1 and V2 Plus/Plus4 hardware.

Download v0.3.8 (Latest version)