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Frequently asked questions

What is the relationship between NanoVNA and V2 (S-A-A-2)?

S-A-A-2 is a new design not based on the original NanoVNA by edy555. The hardware architecture is different and based on 2 ADF4350 synthesizers and one SI5351 synthesizer to cover low frequencies. See Appendix I – Hardware architecture in the User Manual.

How accurate is the V2 compared to professional VNAs?

There is an accuracy comparison between NanoVNA V2 and HP-8753E by DD1US here:
https://www.dd1us.de/Downloads/Brief comparison of NanoVNA V2 with a professional VNA HP-8753E.pdf

How to avoid a bad clone?

Look for V2 Plus (V2.3) and V2 Plus4 (V2.4) hardware versions, with images resembling the below:
  • We have stopped selling V2_2/V2.2 versions since October 2020, so all V2_2 still on the market are clones.
  • Any product listing using "SAA2" instead of S-A-A-2/NanoVNA V2 Plus/V2 Plus4 are very likely selling bad clones.
  • After receiving your device please update the firmware and check CONFIG > VERSION in the menu.
  • See Hardware Versions.

The following stores are selling clones despite being asked not to.

  • R&L electronics
We have official stores on Aliexpress, Tindie, and Taobao.

Why are there so many versions of the V2?

Only 3 hardware versions are official.
There are many unofficial (clone) variants with varying performance and firmware support.
See Hardware Versions.

Can I produce and sell V2 devices?

You are allowed to use the design files on GitHub to produce V2.2 devices for sale if you make it clear to buyers that you are selling an unofficial version.

However, we are strongly opposed to vendors using our designs to compete unfairly in the marketplace, taking advantage of not having any R&D costs to sell at thin margins to attempt to monopolize the marketplace, and will take action if we see dumping and other unfair competition practices.

Currently V2 Plus and Plus4 designs are not yet publicized and you may not copy and produce these for commercial use.

What is the specified frequency accuracy of the V2?

The V2 design specifies a 10ppm crystal oscillator instead of a TCXO because the clock input of the ICs driven is not specified to work with the low output amplitude of a TCXO. Since the ADF4350 step size is 10kHz, at 500MHz the frequency error is at least 20ppm, so this is the dominant source of frequency error. Clones that claim 2ppm or better frequency accuracy can not achieve that in practice because of the ADF4350 step size.

Additionally, the V2 is not suited to very narrowband measurements (coherent bandwidth <1kHz) because of the fast switching of the transmit and receive paths. In practice this only becomes a problem when measuring crystals (not SAW filters).

Where to get support?

It is recommended that you contact the seller you ordered from for general order inquiries and after-sales support.

On Tindie, go to the product page, and click Contact Seller on the right side of the page.

On Aliexpress, go to "My Orders", and click Contact Seller on the order.

For technical support please use the forums below. The hardware and firmware developers are most active on Discord.

Discussion forum


When will my order ship?

We guarantee to dispatch orders within 5 business days, but TNT and HK DHL are handled by a shipping agent and during holiday times there can be up to another week of delay.

When will my order arrive?

This depends on the shipping method you selected. Express shipping (TNT, UPS, HK DHL) typically deliver within 2 weeks, while postal shipping services (SF eParcel, ePacket, Aliexpress Standard Shipping, China Post) can take 30-90 days depending on country.

Please pay attention to the shipping method selected when placing an order.

For Aliexpress Standard shipping, the platform handles the logistics. We print the label and hand the package to Aliexpress, and after that everything is handled by Aliexpress. Aliexpress does not have support on logistics for sellers, and we are not able to get more information than what is shown in the tracking. We can only guarantee to ship out your order within one week, but after it is shipped it's outside of our control. However, if it does not arrive by 90 days, you should open a dispute and Aliexpress will give you a refund. Please do not give us a rating based on shipping speed, because we don't have control of it.

TNT is not available on Aliexpress because of technical problems. For fast shipping to Europe, Australia, and New Zealand please order on Tindie with TNT shipping. UPS is available to US and Canada on both Aliexpress and Tindie.

For SF eParcel shipping, the package is considered lost if not delivered in 90 days.

What we know:

  • Aliexpress Standard shipping is usually fast to US and West Europe (30-45 days typical), and is slower to East Europe/Russia (45-60 days)
  • Aliexpress Standard shipping is very slow for Australia (sometimes exceeding 60 days). We recommend ordering on Tindie with TNT shipping instead for Australia and New Zealand.
  • For other countries, we don't have enough data to say for sure, but Aliexpress Standard shipping is the same service regardless of seller, so if you have experience buying on Aliexpress you may know how long it will take.
  • SF eParcel shipping is fast to US, Germany, UK, France, and most of Europe (30-45 days typical). It is slower to East Europe (Poland, Czechia, Croatia, Russia, ...) and takes 45 days typical.
  • SF eParcel is very slow to India, Mexico, and Phillipines (60+ days typical).
  • TNT and UPS usually take a week to deliver once it is shipped out by the shipping agent, but can take a few days of waiting at the warehouse. You will see a tracking number only after it leaves the shipping agent's warehouse.
  • HK DHL takes up to 2 weeks to ship out because the shipping agent needs to send the package to Hong Kong and clear customs there. After it is shipped out it usually delivers in 1 week.
  • During holiday times, all shipping methods are slower. TNT had an overflowed warehouse in December and packages took over a week to ship out.
  • Some exceptional situations, like logistics shortage due to COVID, can cause the shipping time estimates to be completely outdated. In April there was a major problem with ePacket shipping that caused many packages to take over 100 days to arrive. While we quickly removed ePacket shipping for the affected countries as soon as we became aware of the issue, it was sudden and impossible to predict.

If you see any abnormal tracking (like tracking stuck for more than one month for postal shipping or more than one week for express shipping), please Contact Seller on the site you ordered from. For SF eParcel, ePacket, Aliexpress Standard Shipping, and China Post, it is normal for the tracking to appear to be stuck for 2-3 weeks.

If you are satisfied with the product, please do give us a 5-star rating, because we have had plenty of customers that choose slow shipping methods, and then give us a low rating because it was slow to arrive.