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NanoVNA V2 Hardware versions

This page lists all NanoVNA V2 (S-A-A-2) versions and firmware downloads.

Hardware versions / Firmware downloads

Image Name
Firmware support Firmware download Features
V2 Plus V2.3
Latest version
20201013 Download
  • 2.8" display
  • 2x faster sweep (200 points/s)
  • Noise improvements
V2 Plus4 V2.4
Latest version
20201013 Download
  • 4" display
  • 4x faster sweep (400 points/s)
  • Frequency range extended to 4GHz
  • Up to 80dB dynamic range to 3GHz
No longer sold
20201013 Download
  • 2.8" display
  • The earliest NanoVNA V2 hardware version.

Click here for older firmware binaries.

Unofficial hardware variants

For SYSJOINT's NanoVNA-F V2, see http://www.sysjoint.com/en/content/?144.html

For BH5HNU's 3GHz NanoVNA-F development, see https://groups.io/g/nanovna-f

The following are the unofficial (clone) hardware versions that are tested to be compatible with the NanoVNA V2 firmware.

While we allow producing and selling the V2.2 design without royalties, clones from vendors that participate in unfair competition practices such as dumping will not get support from us and are not listed on this page.

Image Name Firmware support Firmware download
3.2" "black and gold" 20201013 Download
3.2" HDMB "V2 Pro" 20201013 Download
"V2.74" from blackmagic 20201013 Download
2.8" V2 with metal case 20201013 Download

How to update firmware

  1. Switch off the NanoVNA V2 main unit.
  2. Hold down the JOG LEFT button (leftmost of the 3 pushbuttons) and switch on the NanoVNA.
  3. Once white screen appears, release JOG LEFT.
  4. Select the device in NanoVNA-QT
  5. You will be prompted to flash a firmware binary, which you can download from the table above.