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software for NanoVNA V2 Plus 4 by joe smith

Kadir Mariño Abreu 2021/01/26 16:15

Kadir Mariño Abreu 2021/01/26 16:15

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Kadir Mariño Abreu 2021/01/26 16:15

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Great video for those dabbling in RF circuit measurements with NanoVNAV2, thanks a lot to Joe Smith. ( ) ( )

C.M. 2021/01/27 00:26

I first saw him on eevblog and at that time he was reluctant to share his work. His GUI app looks very attractive.

emece67s 2021/01/28 01:57

A few days ago I tried to run his software. It installed flawlessly, but when launched it complained about some missed LabView modules (about 10 consecutive dialogs about this). The application finally opened, but I was unable to even switch the COM port to connect to my V2+4, the app didn't respond.

Does anybody made it work in Win10? Do I need to have any previous LabView software in my box? The eevblog thread starts to be huge and is not so easy to find info there. Also, the author seemed a bit reluctant to share his work, so I do not want to pester him with my issues.

Thanks & regards.

Fabio Morsani 2021/01/28 11:03

My attempt has been on Win7, all OK except a "license request" for ActiveX
virtual driver (or similar).
The COM port is fixed on the default values and also clicking on "refresh"
non other ports appears
(the NanoVNA is on COM27 or COM28 depending on which USB connector I plug
No way to establish the link.

Il giorno gio 28 gen 2021 alle ore 10:57 <> ha scritto:

f4htx 2021/01/28 05:42


I installed it on a Win10 running within Parallels on OSX10.15.7, I also installed the Cypress driver.
Works perfectly, thanks joe.

François / F4HTX

F1RVC 2021/01/28 20:41

Hi all! See my comment on the youtube video about this software.
You need to,install NI VISA. I contacted the author, He probably forget to
include this package.
It work well if you already have NI Labview on your computer, otherwise ,
you hve to install NI VISA, and you will see the com port windows with all
your com port available on your PC.Regards.
I think that the author will include the missing package soon.

Le jeu. 28 janv. 2021 à 14:43, <> a écrit :

emece67s 2021/01/29 08:56


Thanks, but I'm still unable to make it work. After installing NI VISA and re-installing Joe's software, when the application is launched nothing happens (no error messages, no window pops, nothing, nada).

A pity, as the software looks superb.

Thanks & regards.

F1RVC 2021/01/29 18:03

I did not have to reinstal Joe's software.


Le ven. 29 janv. 2021 à 17:56, <> a écrit :

Kadir Mariño Abreu 2021/01/30 16:58

Joe smith already added the NI VISA package to the new build that he uploaded to github.

F1RVC 2021/01/31 12:43

Yes he added it yesterday, thanks.

Le dim. 31 janv. 2021 à 01:58, Kadir Mariño Abreu <> a
écrit :

John Cunliffe W7ZQ 2021/01/31 07:59

Hmm, I looked at that page, I am not very good with software, I see 20 files of the same size and a smaller one plus 2 source code files. Do I have to dl all 20 and then somehow compile them or is one of them all I need to run on WIN-7.


F1RVC 2021/01/31 18:21

Yes put all of them inside a folder and unzip the first one , it will
include all automatically for unpacking...
You will have a new folder with setup inside.


Le dim. 31 janv. 2021 à 16:59, John Cunliffe W7ZQ <>
a écrit :

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