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s11 Measurements below 142 MHz

Mike, AA9VI 2021/09/27 07:05

I purchased a Nano VNA V2 Plus 4 from the Tindie site but I noticed something strange.  Below 142 MHz I seem to have a ton of noise in my measurements after an S11 open, short, and thru cal.  Has anyone else seen this?  I want to make measurements in the 2-60 MHz band but I can't with all the noise.  I should have something close to a cluster of points on 50 ohms or short on the Smith Chart after the cal but the trace is all over the place.  Calibrations > 142 MHz seem just fine.  So I'm confused.


OwO 2021/09/27 10:35

Please contact the store with your order number for after sales service. In the mean time you can also try going over U303 with a soldering iron and some flux.

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