alexottinger16 2023/05/26 13:20


I am trying to design my own python script so that I have a light program to receive S11 data and that I will have control over how the program works. However, I am quite confused on how the readFIFO protocol works. To my understanding, you can request data per frequency index using the NN value. For instance, my code to request one index scan of 32 byte is as follows: ser.write(bytes[0x18, 0x30, 0x20]). Where I set the NN value to x20 for 32 bytes in hex. I have been able to process this data and loop the command to receive scans of the FIFO table values per frequency/frequency index. When I do this, after a certain amount of time, the scan only scans the start frequency and stops iterating. I then try to run the indicate command, and the result is \x00 instead of 2.

Am I misunderstanding how to implement the NN term?

Thank you all in advance!