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problem with firmware update for nanovna v2

Scott KF7GGN 2021/09/10 16:38

Hello, I am new to the forum. I have a NanoVNA V2 that was bought from Amazon, so probably one of the cheap clones that are discussed on the website. I experienced a problem when attempting to flash a firmware upgrade. Upon switching on the unit while holding down the left JOG button and releasing, the white screen remains frozen. Is there a way to fix this issue?

Thank you in  advance for any help.

Dirk 2021/09/11 00:24

Hi Scott,

I made the update with the NanoVNA-QT software without problems. No buttons have to be pressed with this method.

Vladimir Lebedev 2021/09/12 04:05

Hello Scott!

Have You driver for nanoVNA V2 installed?
Download link:

What a NanoVNA V2 have You?
-NanoVNA V2?
- S-A-A-2? With 2.8 or 4 inch display?


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