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John Gord 2020/09/03 15:33

I have been using this firmware ( ) on my V2, and have been very favorably impressed.

Nice features:
Smaller frequency steps above 140MHz: 6kHz at 4GHz, 3kHz at 2GHz, ......, about 400Hz at 150MHz (Factory firmware had 12kHz steps)
Interpolation of calibration, auto startup with Cal 0
Adjustable bandwidth from 3kHz down to 10Hz
Adjustable averaging
Display color control

The only feature I would really like to see added is true CW generation.

--John Gord

On Fri, Aug 28, 2020 at 04:25 PM, John Gord wrote:

switchabl 2020/09/03 15:50

This is interesting. Here is the source code:
Maybe some of this can be merged into the official firmware. Since it is GPL, that should be fine. But it would still be polite to ask first.

I disagree somewhat with loading cal 0 automatically though. I would much prefer to have a high-resolution "base calibration" that is loaded automatically (and takes a few more button presses to change), but still shows as uncal.

And I still want proper calkit definitions. I will probably tackle this when I find some time.

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