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bandpass filter help

Ambro_IW2FVO 2021/06/19 12:57

good day to all  !

I have a NanoVNA v2 that have two ports ch0 and ch1.

I want to display and measure the band pass filter shape but I am just a bit confused on how to slect the proper data for displaying.

I am able to perform the sweep setting and to perform the calibration ( open/short/load/ through) and store the corection .

I understand the the filter have to be connected between ch0 and ch1 but I am in trouble to manage the two four data lines at the top of the display in order to view filter respons curve, the input impedance or SWR etc...
In other words the two lines of data shown on the top of VNA are somwwhat triky to me: where could i find out an explanation please ?

Any help / suggestion please ?

Thanks in advance for any help


barnc4br 2021/06/20 07:02

try this video or others on YouTube

Siegfried Jackstien 2021/06/20 16:14

any of the four traces ... can be switch on/off ... changed to measure
on port 0 or 1 ... and changed what value to display ... changed in scaling

that is done under display/trace (on/off and select)

so if you (as an examle) want to change the second trace (its data or
scaling) you first go into display trace and select the second trace
(what trace is selected is shown with a small arrow in front of the four
values at the top)

when switching on it is the first trace so you first have to select
second trace to change it

any of the four traces ... can be set to any value readout

so you now made second trace active?? ok then in scale you can change
WHAT to display (swr, return loss, phase, whatever)

if you play trough the different menues you find out what are the
possible settings (i will not name them all here)

the basic setting in the nanov2 is quite close to what you need for
measure a filter

only the smith curve may puzzel you a bit (either switch it off or set
to a different readout)

before you try to measure anything .. play with the unit to get used to
the menues ;-)

greetz sigi dg9bfc

Am 19.06.2021 um 21:57 schrieb Ambro_IW2FVO via

Ambro_IW2FVO 2021/06/20 20:55

thanks a lot for the great assistance to all.I have got the operation fhilosophy of the display !Bye

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