Beware of cheap underperforming clones

As of 2022 there are many badly performing clones on the market. V2/3GHz NanoVNA uses parts like ADF4350 and AD8342 which are costly and clones have been cutting costs by using salvaged or reject parts.

See official store and look for V2 Plus4/V2 Plus4 Pro versions only to avoid getting a bad clone. We have stopped selling V2.2 versions since October 2020, so all V2 hardware that are not Plus or Plus4 are not made by us and we can not guarantee performance.

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What about Windows 7 and V2 Plus4?

Leif M 2022/09/11 12:49

I noticed that I prefer my *V2 Plus4.* But is there a good Windows 32 software for it? NanoVNA-App 1.1.210 by OneOfEleven goes only to 2,4GHz. Does it really recognize V2 Plus4. What other Sw there is for W7?


Siegfried Jackstien 2022/09/12 17:27

why do you think that the software goes only up to 2,4 ghz??

v2 plus 4 goes over 4 ghz .. not?? so why should the soft not go up there?!?!?

i bet it even goes higher with vna6k,  etc but my v2plus4 does not go that high ... so that is why you see noise above 4.4 gig on second picture

dg9bfc sigi

Am 11.09.2022 um 21:49 schrieb Leif M:

Leif M 2022/10/15 07:57

In Windows 7 Nanovna-saver.exe gives me the following error message. A dll is missing.

VNA Qt has problems with ports, I think. Is this an error or not? This message appears when I click Menu Device COM85

Any suggestions?

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