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VNA V2 Accuracy

stewartrabinowitz 2020/08/29 21:48

Hi, All:

I just got a nanovna V2 earlier this week.  I wanted to get an idea of its time base accuracy, so based on a youtube video on this subject, I set a CW frequency of 150 MHz, and connected  it to my an HP counter.  No matter the settings on the counter, nor the frequency (I tried 5 MHz, 10 MHz, 50 MHz, 500 MHz, 900 MHz), the counter jumped around and I could not get a stable frequency that I could measure.   Ditto for 50 ohms, or 1 Meg.  I tried my Motorola service monitor.  Same result.  The error jumped everywhere.

So the question I pose is this:  Do I have a bad V2, or should I not expect to read frequency on a counter or service monitor with the V2 but the V2 is good?

Thanks for your input.



OwO 2020/08/30 00:49

The output in CW mode isn't a continuous carrier but a pulsed waveform, but there is a modified firmware that will output a CW signal in CW mode when sweep is paused:

Stewart Rabinowitz 2020/08/30 11:58

I will try updating the firmware for that feature.

Separately, once done, what is the way to adjust the 24 MHz clock so as to
put it on frequency?

Thanks for your response.


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