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V2 Plus4 firmware for measuring crystals (

OwO 2021/07/05 07:12

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Here is a build of the firmware from for the V2 Plus4 that may be able to measure crystal response better.

DISCLAIMER: accuracy is not guaranteed with this experimental firmware and performance specifications only apply when using official firmware.

Stefan stefan 2021/07/07 13:08


i have testet this FW and its very nice !! There are many nice features in
it and i really hope that someone can merge this into the Official software

If i understand it right, then this FW isnt maintained by anyone ... it was
just the work of one single man.

Are the Sources awaible in github or as a tar file ?

Am Mo., 5. Juli 2021 um 16:12 Uhr schrieb OwO <>:

OwO 2021/07/07 05:18

The sources are here:

Bobinuta Bobinel 2021/07/10 14:15

@Stefan Stefan:
Please tell me if you are you using NanoVNA V2 Plus4 device , or just V2+  ?

Best regards,

Stefan stefan 2021/07/11 00:31


im using the original V2 plus4 VNA.

Bobinuta Bobinel 2021/07/10 22:39

@Stefan Stefan:
>> im using the original V2 plus4 VNA.

Hello Stefan!
Thanks for the reply.
Well, if you are using V2Plus4 with the new Ojisan firmware that has been announced by OwO as "may be able to measure crystal response better" , did you tried some crystals or any narrowband filter sweep ? (for example, an SSB filter, or even an NBFM filter)
Could you tell us what results you got?
Maybe if you have some pictures to post, it would be appreciated.

Best regards,

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