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Update firmware on NaniVNA V2 Plus4

Rob Derlagen 2021/12/29 05:30

I have try to update my nanoVNA V2 Plus4 with the latested release from
git-20210530-412578c to 20210726 stable.
With NanoVNA-QT software it looks like the file is transfered to the nanoVNA but
after de reset I still see the old version 20210530 via menu config/version.
Any idea what is wrong?

Shadow 2021/12/29 11:33

Is the device shipped with the exactly same FW that you try to upgrade?

Vladimir Lebedev 2021/12/29 11:42

Hello Rob!
Have You tryed FW download from here - stable
or - expreimental ?

Best regards
Vladimir, dl7pga

Rob Derlagen 2021/12/30 04:06

Hallo Vladimir
I will try your suggestion and thanks for the links

Hallo Shadow
The firmware I have in the device is a old version until now I have never update the NanoVNA.
But I will check futher like you state with a HEX editor.

Thanks for your update
Brgds Rob

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