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UK Distributor on eBay?

Neil M6JNA 2020/06/20 05:49

Been looking for a UK supplier on eBay and found this seller
Delivery within 7 days. Anyone purchased from him and are they clones?


Mike Willis 2020/06/20 15:49

Looks like someone who has imported 10, kept one and is selling on the rest.


Mike Willis 2020/06/20 07:53

Looks like one of the clones (are they not all clones / made to an open sourced design) but that does not mean it's not good. Price seems very fair and it has a battery and cal kit.


Neil M6JNA 2020/06/21 01:30

I've taken a punt, I'll update when it arrives (if I figure out what I'm looking for).

Tony Abbey 2020/06/26 07:29

I just ordered from him, and there is a special voucher code which reduces the price to £50.63, so I thought it was worthwhile to avoid the current uncertain delivery times.
I'll let you all know if it's good. My previous AQRP VIA has broken and I have wasted a long time trying to understand why it's not working - I think the Codec has given up. So I thought it was time to start again.


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