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Trying to update firmware

Jean-Francois Somerv 2022/01/09 05:33

Received the NanoVNA 2plus4
Trying the

Connect to computer,
Turn off, hold left toggle, turn on, blank screen comes on, release left toggle, wait, wait....
Stuck on a blank screen

What now? Any suggestions?


Vladimir Lebedev 2022/01/09 08:10

Hello Jean-Francois!
Please reed here
Best regards

Vladimir Lebedev 2022/01/09 08:11

and here

Jean-Francois Somerv 2022/01/09 10:42

Ooops, missed point #3 from the manual
" The device should appear under the *Device* menu in NanoVNA-QT."
I was expecting that the NanoVNA would do the prompt, not the PC software!

Thank you

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