Ray 2021/08/22 09:52

Dear Dennis and Group,

I had some success in resolving my driver issue, by following one of the many hunks of advice unearthed by “googling” the code 10 error message seen in the properties of the Port USB drivers with the little yellow warning triangle. Sadly, I need to categorize what I did as “יותר מזל מסכל” (more luck than smarts).

What I did was to uninstall all of the ports, and all of the Universal Serial Bus controller drivers using the Device Manager (i.e. I right clicked on each device, and chose uninstall). In particular, I uninstalled the Cypress UART. Then I rebooted. This killed my USB mouse, but it magically reappeared after rebooting. I think I had to pull out the dongle and replug it, but I can’t swear by it. Then I think I plugged in my nanoVNA.v2 allowed windows to install a driver that it chose – namely a Microsoft USB serial device driver dated 21-Jun-06, version 10.0.19041.906 which apparently came with windows. The driver appears as COM3.

This seems to allow me to run nanoVNA-App v1.1.206 by OneOfEleven and VNA view. However, it does not allow me to run VNA saver.

My guess is that somehow in installing the Cypress driver, the Cypress USB to UART driver got installed, it was interfering with getting the Cypress driver that should have been installed to work properly. If I only understood what all these drivers do, and what the difference is between a driver that appears under ports and a driver that appears under Universal Serial Bus controller, not only might I be able to say something with some degree of authority, but also I wouldn’t have been in such a fix in the first place! Oh well, knowing something about EMFs is enough of a challenge! Now if I was a really dedicated engineer, I would de-install the Microsoft driver, and repeat the process and carefully document all the steps. But after beating my head to get this thing to work, I prefer to devote the time to actually using the damn thing to do some work!

Anyway TNX to all who shared some ideas. All comments are welcome.


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