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The VNA_QT software and thru calibration stil does not respond to a s1p file

Kurt Poulsen 2020/06/28 21:34

Hi Gabriel

Sorry to inform you that the VNA_QT software still does not work for a Thru
calibration s1p file. By ideal calibration selection the calibration work,
but any s1p files leads the -300dB and 0.0 degree for the entire frequency
kind regards


OwO 2020/06/28 19:31

I think I implemented S21 correction for thru; how does s1p thru correction work?

Kurt Poulsen 2020/06/29 11:27

Hi Gabriel
I am a bit confused about you comment. I then calibration kit setting there is Load, Open, Short and Thru. If I leave the Thru as Ideal then the Thru calibration work which implies I have a thru calibration with no S21 Loss and No S21 delay and can measure what is inserted with as a male/female gender in the S21 path.
But if I load a s1p file for the Thru reflecting a delay and some insertion loss or just a delay then the Mag(S21 is -300dBm and Arg(S21) is 0 degree. That happens instantly I click on Apply after a SOLT calibration.
What do you mean by a S21 correction ?
Kind regards

Lars Harms 2020/06/29 11:47

Hello everyone,
with my setup the calibration does not work at all. On using the assistant,
the software crashes.
When using the manual method, there are no valid results. Load, short and
open deliver the same results and the software does not use them.

Actually i have no idea, what is happening there.

Best regards

Kurt Poulsen <> schrieb am Mo., 29. Juni 2020, 11:27:

OwO 2020/06/29 22:53

So you mean the thru cal kit parameter should take a s1p file and
interpret that as the S11 of your thru standard with the other side open
circuited? or short circuited? Currently I have it take an s2p file and
it uses the S21 measurement of the thru standard. I'll try implementing
what you said in the next release.

On 29/06/2020 17:27, Kurt Poulsen wrote:

Kurt Poulsen 2020/06/30 12:51

Hi Gabrielle
OK understood, my mistake not using a s2p file. I did not figure that out as the VNA-QT software is not open for any S22 measurement directly, by natural reasons. I faintly remember it did work some many weeks ago, and that is my fault not memorizing the s2p conditions.
The VNWA I am very involved in does allow s1p files setup for thru forward only calibration. It can do smart bidirectional full four s parameter measurement with 12 term error correction by pressing a F2 key and revert the DUT so I was a bit biased.
I hope the VNA-QT in future can have independent scaling of the two sets of measurements, that would be nice
Thank you very much for the help
Kid regards

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