OwO 2020/12/27 04:50

1. Make sure you post your questions in THIS GROUP. If you post it in any other group, I won't see it and so can not help you.
2. If the touchscreen seems to be misbehaving, please do a TOUCH CAL (menu item CONFIG > TOUCH CAL) first.
3. Please post screenshots showing UNCALIBRATED traces measuring each of the calibration standards. I can **not** see anything from calibrated traces, e.g. a bad calibration will cause the screen to show garbage, and this will not tell me anything.
4. Finally, if you think you have a defective device please CONTACT SELLER where you bought it from. This forum is NOT aftersales support, it is a technical forum where I as the developer will sometimes volunteer my time to answer questions, but I can NOT guarantee a reply and you must CONTACT SELLER if you need a timely reply. If, however, you leave a negative review without contacting the seller and attempting to resolve it with them first, you will get on my bad side.