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Saved Marker Settings issue

Lou W7HV 2021/05/20 03:44

I have two Markers displayed showing SWR at two different frequencies.  I've saved under Config and Calibrate.  When I recall, both makers show correctly, but the frequency and SWR for the second marker doesn't show up at the top of the screen.  I have to select that Marker again to get the data to show.  Operator error, feature, or bug?  20201013-32077fd

I posted this question on the users' group but didn't get any hits.


aleks07111971 2021/05/20 05:28

This feature is not implemented in the firmware!

aleks07111971 2021/05/20 05:33

This feature is not implemented in the firmware!

Lou W7HV 2021/05/21 06:44

OK.  The on-line info/manual says that Calibrate/Save saves many things, including Marker Settings.  This works and correctly and shows the Marker Freq and value after saving and recalling.  However, after boot-up, the freq and values for the Markers in a saved setting do not appear correctly at the top of the screen until one of the Makers is selected again. Once that is done, the Marker info is displayed correctly when recalling that setting again.  It's only after boot-up that the Marker info isn't displayed correctly.  Not a huge deal, but it seems like something that could be corrected/implemented.

aleks07111971 2021/05/21 06:51

Unfortunately, v2 is out of production and we cannot see new firmware as our ears! :)

Lou W7HV 2021/05/22 17:32

IDK about being out of production. They keep building and selling them.  There's pretty much always a waiting list.  Whatever.  Put in on the list for v3 then.  HI HI

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