Beware of cheap underperforming clones

As of 2022 there are many badly performing clones on the market. V2/3GHz NanoVNA uses parts like ADF4350 and AD8342 which are costly and clones have been cutting costs by using salvaged or reject parts.

See official store and look for V2 Plus4/V2 Plus4 Pro versions only to avoid getting a bad clone. We have stopped selling V2.2 versions since October 2020, so all V2 hardware that are not Plus or Plus4 are not made by us and we can not guarantee performance.

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SA6? #clones

alantoop 2022/08/10 05:10

Anyone bought one of these SA6 spectrum analysers?
I was trying to find the software and drivers that are compatible with it.

Erik Kaashoek 2022/08/11 07:40

>From reading the technical description and the spec, please be aware of the following:
The RBW is fixed at 200kHz which means its is either very slow over a large frequency range or it will only sample certain frequencies while possibly missing in between signals and and it can not resolve any two or more signals within 200kHz.
Its using RF to DC mixing so it can have many subharmonics for any signal that enters the mixer appearing as unexpected spurs.
The dynamic range is only 75dB
Using the internal attenuator can add a lot of level inaccuracy (up to +/- 8dB)
There is no specification of the spur free dynamic range so you do not know if you are able to measure harmonic in a reliable way.

Hank Hamner 2022/08/12 05:48

Thanks for this information!


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