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Relationship between step resolution and sweep range?

TomS 2021/08/01 12:35

according to the specs should be the lowest frequency step 10KHz.
If I set:
Num sweep points  = 201
Start  435MHz
Stop. 436MHz

Displayed freq step  5KHz from data point to data point.
Conclution: Minimun frequency step is less than 10khz or the start stop range is in reallity differen than displayed or the real data points are different than showen on screen . Finally the diplayed values for each second datapoint (eg 435,005MHz) is interpolated.
Are there any ideas what the nanovna v2 p4 is doing in this case?
FW git-20210225-ebc366e

Greetings TomS

DiSlord 2021/08/01 14:09

Min frequency step in > 140 MHz range for official fw = 10k

You can select less range, but used frequency for any point = (int)(freq/10000)*1000

John Gord 2021/08/01 16:26

The Ojisan firmware for the V2 (original and 4 inch but, not plus or plus4) does allow smaller steps.  I think that they are 6kHz in the 2.2-4.4 GHz range, going progressively smaller on lower octaves.
--John Gord

On Sun, Aug 1, 2021 at 12:35 PM, TomS wrote:

DiSlord 2021/08/01 21:08

>Ojisan firmware for the V2
Yes (but ask about V2Plus4) Ojisan firmware for the V2 made 6k step, going progressively smaller on lower octaves.

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