Kurt Poulsen 2020/05/07 17:11

A quick test where the SAA-2 was calibrated with HP85033C 3.5mm male kit and by use of Touchstone files with 500 points from 0.1 to 3000MHz, also used for sweep with 500 point, shows excellent results for dynamic range for S11 and S21 under the condition that CH0 (TX port) terminated with 50 OHM and CH1 (RX port) left open, 50ohm terminated or shorted. The isolation is very good
A sweep of a professional HP 10cm airline showed also excellent trace following along the circumference of the Smitchart.
Test of a SMA 18GHz 6dB attenuator showed that the phase measurement now is OK which was one of the fixes
So congratulation Gabrielle with this superb product.
Kind regards