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Put a measured trace in memory

radio-bar 2021/05/05 11:31

Hi all
I'm new for this group, I usually work with HP and R&S network analyzer and I think that nanoVNA works very good
in antennas and filters analysis.
I tried to put one diagram in memory, to better see the effect of trimming a coil in a filter, but I cannot find this feature in VNA.
Am I not able to find it or is this facility missing?
Thank you for your answers.

Dieter Horst 2021/05/06 00:58

Have you tried NanoVNA Saver? It's a software that connects your NanoVNA to the PC giving you a lot more convenience operating it.
There is a button that lets you use a trace as a reference.

Lou W7HV 2021/05/06 04:25

Right. That capability isn't native to the device, but is available connecting it to a computer and using appropriate software.

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