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Older Firmware

hughie p 2021/05/19 10:27

Hi I appear to have uploaded the wrong firmaware to my NanoVNA V2...i think ive uploaded the V2+ firmware and my touch screen isnt working properly, I only received the unit today and on reading it appears it may well be a clone
as its a version V2_2.

Ime trying to get this v2_2-ili9341.bin ( v2 _2 with small display (2.8 or 3.2 inch) use v2_2-ili9341.bin (160920 version) but not sure where to look can anyone help please as ime brand new to this unit.

Many Thansk


gordonmx 2021/05/19 20:02

Did you recalibrate the touch screen after loading the new F/W?

Stay Safe & Well,


gordonmx 2021/05/19 20:17

I think I know your next question.  How do I recal the touch screen if the touch screen isn't working?  Sorry I forgot to mention you can navigate the menu using the arrow keys located between the RF connectors.  The center button should display the menu (and select an item) and the side buttons move you up and down.  Select "config", then "touch cal".

Stay Safe & Well,


Vladimir Lebedev 2021/05/19 21:42

Hello Hughie!
Please go to,,,20,0,0,0::recentpostdate%2Fsticky,,,20,2,20,81847314
The newest V2 Firmware from DiSlord from 28032021.
Please not use FW for V2Plus or V2Plus4 (HW versions 2.3 and 2.4)!!!

-- for the NanoVNA V2 ( SAA-2) 2.8 inch display--

Your FW is V2 320x240 grid.bin (your device has fpu=yes)
or V2 320x240 grid noFPU.bin (then you device has fpu=no)

After the fw upgrade, please calibrate the touch screen with the 3 buttons: 1. CONFIG ---> TOUCHCAL 2. Calibrate the touch screen 3. CONFIG ---> SAVE


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