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No ship to Guatemala from looking for reseller of products #clones?

Shadow 2021/12/26 17:45

Is there any chance that this one was an original NanoRFE product, some one how have any reference with this product, is AURSINC a reseller or are they cloning NanoRFE products?  Help please... really need to ship direct to Guatemala...

OwO 2021/12/27 05:37

It's genuine if you select the V2 Plus4 option. All other versions are clones.

Shadow 2021/12/26 21:40

is AURSINC a known reseller?

OwO 2021/12/27 06:37

Yes, but there are clones as well as genuine versions in this store. Only the V2 Plus4 version is guaranteed to be free of clones.

Shadow 2021/12/27 06:59

😯😯😯👍 thanks a lot...

zeljko adzic 2021/12/28 00:04 is this geunine to?

On Mon, Dec 27, 2021 at 6:37 AM OwO <> wrote:

Shadow 2021/12/27 15:39

That´s exactly my problem, it seems to be the same as the but until the delivery and having it on hands and inspect at last that contain the specific chips that NanoRFE guarantee nothing is for shure...  in the online stores appear whit different manufacturers like AURSINC,  SEESII, now this one, LUSYA, all seems to be clones...  need original one and support the right manufacturer...

OwO 2021/12/28 06:41

There are no clones of the V2 Plus4 right now, so this is the only version safe to buy from any reseller. You can email me the serial number on the version screen to check if it is original.


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