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Newbie /home/lawrence/Downloads/NanoVNA/NanoVNA_QT_GUI-x86_64.AppImage

lawrenceragan 2020/09/10 09:50

Qt installed and comes up (shotcut) with message: failed to open/home/lawrence/Downloads/NanoVNA/NanoVNA_QT_GUI-x86_64.AppImage
In "help/about' This program uses Qt version 5.14.2.
Open Qt "help/about" This program uses Qt version 5.9.5.
Is this difference the issue? I simply downloaded NanoVNA/NanoVNA_QT_GUI-x86_64.AppImage and click on it.  running from a terminal, I get: NanoVNA_QT_GUI-x86_64.AppImage: command not found
Thanks in advance for you advice

Aaron - WY1P 2021/04/03 14:29

If I am understanding the issue correctly, right click the file and check permissions. I had to check a box to enable it to be executable.

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