Beware of cheap underperforming clones

As of 2022 there are many badly performing clones on the market. V2/3GHz NanoVNA uses parts like ADF4350 and AD8342 which are costly and clones have been cutting costs by using salvaged or reject parts.

See official store and look for V2 Plus4/V2 Plus4 Pro versions only to avoid getting a bad clone. We have stopped selling V2.2 versions since October 2020, so all V2 hardware that are not Plus or Plus4 are not made by us and we can not guarantee performance.

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New owner. Love it.

Richard Clafton W4/G 2022/03/11 12:51

My V2 Plus4 arrived a few days ago - what a wonderful device.    I charged it overnight after installing a flat button top 3000mah battery and then calibrated it the next day.

So far I have checked and compared it with my AA-600 and the results are spot on.   This is great value.   Glad I decided to buy direct from the source and not a clone.

The only lacking thing, identification on the case!  Two fellow hams asked me what it was and where it was from - so I fixed that!

Also needs (mainly because of me being a tad clumsy) a rubber case.  So I am designing one to be 3d printed in TPE at the moment.

Richard W4/G7EIX

mathews ember 2022/03/11 20:49

Very nice..
Tell us how you did the label

Richard Clafton W4/G 2022/03/12 07:25

Laser engraved on a Fiber Laser.  I'll be engraving labels for the ports and switches this weekend.

Will put some information on the battery and charging on the back.

Richard W4/G7EIX

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