hughie p 2021/05/19 12:03

Hi I got my NanoVNA V2_2 today which ime now told is a clone, anyway I upgraded the firmware but think ive put in version 2_2 + if thats possible as my touch bar at the side of the screen no longer wants to work
reading through various threads it appears if I want to take it back to original then I need to have the following file.....can anyone point me to it please I have a v2 _2 with small display (2.8 or 3.2 inch) use v2_2-ili9341.bin .(160920 version)
At this monment in time when i fire up the VNA I dont get the traces going all over the screen infact there isnt much movement at all, I am only wanting to use this to check antenna resonance SWR and the like but if I highlight SWR in format area then I
cannot have the smith chart at the same time.....can anyone point me in the right direction please.
I have tried a reset and it doesnt make much of a difference.
Many Thanks