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NanovnaSaver crash after 1port calibration with NanoVNA V2s #nanovna-saver #nanovna-saver

OK1VAW 2021/12/29 22:38

Hello, I am performing a simple 1port SOL calibration in the range of 1MHz to 30MHz with 101 points using the NAnovnaV2s (I have the first V2 and V2+4) and NanoVNASaver on PC. When using calibration assistant, calibrating by use of good standards, all the displayed values in Smithchart are ok, but when I press apply calibration, the NanovnaSaver crashes.
Last thre lines of the debug log are:
*2021-12-29 21:01:36,873 - NanoVNASaver.Calibration - DEBUG - Calibration correctly calculated.*
*2021-12-29 21:01:36,874 - NanoVNASaver.Windows.CalibrationSettings - DEBUG - Applying calibration to existing sweep data.*
*2021-12-29 21:01:36,897 - NanoVNASaver.Windows.CalibrationSettings - DEBUG - Saving and displaying corrected data.*
But nothing more, what was the reason of the crash.
It happens on both Nanovna V2s, so it seems to be something in the NanoVNASaver. Doing the same with QT works flawlessly.
Am I doing something wrong, or do you have the same problem?
Vojtech, OK1VAW.

OK1VAW 2022/01/09 04:12

After installing the 3.10 version of the NanoVNA saver the problem has gone, the calibration was applied and there was no crash any more.

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