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As of 2023 there are many badly performing clones on the market. V2/3GHz NanoVNA uses parts like ADF4350 and AD8342 which are costly and clones have been cutting costs by using salvaged or reject parts.

See official store and look for V2 Plus4/V2 Plus4 Pro versions only to avoid getting a bad clone. We have stopped selling V2.2 versions since October 2020, so all V2 hardware that are not Plus or Plus4 are not made by us and we can not guarantee performance.

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NanoVNAV2 Plus4 broken below 140MHz

Maciej 2023/04/16 03:38

Purchased my VNA on Tindie. It has been working well but now it's broken below 140MHz - I suspect the SI5351 circuit... Above 140 it's working as it shoud be (LED401 and LED601 light blue), measurements fine doing S11 or S21. Below that - "spaghetti" as someone wrote in earlier threads.

Looking at the v2.2 circuit diagram (which v2.4 is similar I suppose) there should be some clock signal on CLK0, CLK2 on SI5351 chip when doing sweep between 100-100.1MHz for example - there is not. VDD is 3.0V, there are some signals on SDA and SCL lines... 24MHz oscillator works.

Any ideas?

stefano_rizzo 2023/04/17 02:00

Same issue in my Nanovna V2plus4. I hope someone can find any solution....

Maciej 2023/04/20 09:23

Stefano, have you checked the SI5351 outputs somehow, or you just observe the same problem?
I'm not an expert, but got quite good skills with soldering such small SMD like those MXD switches, got the oscilloscope but not having the exact circuit diagram and part placement on PCB (which is multilayer I think) is big problem to diagnose the failure.

May I ask you to share the photo of the bottom layer of the PCB (which is the opposite to MCU is mounted on)? On mine there are 4 pads, where is a place for 2 SMD components which may have felt off (I'm not sure if there were anything before).

The other susspice may be some failure in SI5351 initializing, which could lead to not generating any CLKx signals - if that is the case there should be some firmware related fix possible... Got no possibility to check the IC at the moment, but I plan to desolder and check it in an external circuit soon (I also got a few spare SI-s but they are marked a bit else and I'm not positive I can swap them just like that).

Anyone able to help somehow? Anyone from VNA Team?

nanov2support 2023/04/26 22:33

Hi, if you bought your VNA from our official store, please click "Contact Seller" and include your order number for warranty service. A few early units had soldering defects, and we are still trying to track them down. In the early days we were under a lot of cost pressure from trying to compete on price when there is a lot of predatory pricing on the market, which was the biggest mistake we have made. In 2022 we started switching to better suppliers and assembly services, but if you have an earlier unit with issues, please don't hesitate to contact us to get it repaired or replaced. We are on holidays at the moment and will return and be able to assist you in about one week.
NanoRFE support

Fabrice FRANCOISE 2023/04/27 07:53

Comment savoir si on a acheté un produit original ? J ai acheté le mien
chez Ali express .

Help us

French user

Le jeu. 27 avr. 2023 à 07:37, nanov2support <> a
écrit :

nanov2support 2023/04/26 23:01

Hi Fabrice, unfortunately almost all on Aliexpress and Amazon are clones, there is only a small percentage of sellers that have bought from us, can you tell me which store you ordered from?

Fabrice FRANCOISE 2023/04/27 16:58


Merci pour ja réponse mais le texte est illisible …
I can try
Qiaejiaeo peut être ?!?!

Analyser e19838*1

Je crois que ça fonctionne bien mais je le demande comment mesurer le swr d
une ce antenne fd4 et son câble … il faut des adaptateurs


Le jeu. 27 avr. 2023 à 08:01, nanov2support <> a
écrit :

Dave Jo 2023/05/28 01:59

I was having the exact same issue with Si5351. In my case, the voltage output at one of SCL or SDA (don't remember which) was not being generated by the microcontroller. After a lot of research, I figured out that the particular IO on the microcontroller chip was damaged --> it could not pull the I2C voltage to 0V, therefore failing to program Si5351.

The Si5351 was in fact fine. I knew it by replacing the microcontroller and flash the ROM from the original microcontroller. I saw some correct output from Si5351, so it was fine. No issue with Si5351.

However, unfortunately, due to the bootloader lock, my device (v2 Plus4) couldn't work anymore, as the device ID of the microcontrollers are different. The bootloader check for this device ID and if it's not correct, it will refuse to do measurement.

Fortunately, I contacted Tindie and they were nice enough to send a replacement.

Maciej 2024/03/18 01:35

Finally my NanoVNA V2 Plus4 is working again. I have contacted the HCXQS group on Tindie as someone suggested and they have agreed to repair the PCB. The faulty part was microcontroller, which has been replaced and now the analyzer is working full band.

Thanks HCXQS group, good job!

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