Yohan Le Diraison 2023/03/30 18:58


I have seen in an (old) source code firmware and in an old message on
this list that writing on the 0x40 register address will (maybe) change
the output power of the (TX?) ADF4350 according to its datasheet
(-4dBm,-1dBm, 2dBm and 5dBm)... and for f>137,5 MHz if I'm right.

I tried that and look at the fwd0 output level after a sweep reading. It
doesn't seems to change anything.

Is there any means to change the output level by a similar way, or my
comprehension of this parameter/behavior is wrong ? Maybe the output
level is hard coded in order to have the same between the ADF4350 and
the SI5351 ?

Best regards,

Yohan Le Diraison