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NanoVNA program that works with Windows XP

Attilio 2021/02/13 05:36

Hello everybody,
is there a possibility of a version of vna QT that works for Windows XP (SP3)?

Thanks for the attention.


Attilio 2021/02/13 11:00


I switch to a PC with Win7, but I have installed vna QT and it works, but I am struggling with the "nanovna saver" program that after launching a window with a black background comes out and after a while it displays script errors for a moment, then closes the window and the program does not start!

I have installed Win7 sp 1 with all visual C ++ files and the USB port of the nanoVNA is seen in the control panel (system).

I don't know what to do anymore, I ask you for help.


Attilio 2021/02/14 04:59

Hello everybody, fixed on Win7 SP1 by installing Python 3.7 and pip with numpy, pyserial, pyqt5 and spicy.
Then I installed nanovna-saver version 0.39 and launched


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