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NanoVNA V2.2 does not work Cal shows scribbled graph all over

jaco.dutoit 2021/07/31 01:17

Hi All,

My NanoVNA 2.2 does not want to calibrate... Once done it shows graphs all over the show...

Please advise?


DiSlord 2021/07/31 09:45

Check your calibration kit, or NanoVNA conectors/cables

In most cases you have broken 50 Om Load, check it

jaco.dutoit 2021/08/02 12:28

Hi There,

Thank you, already borrowed a friends calibration kit... No success... Its a brand new unit... I've order another one from another supplier and sent requested a return to supplier....


N8AUM 2021/08/02 16:57

"scribbled graph all over"

I've had this happen on several of my nano's, make sure to perform a reset.

jaco.dutoit 2021/08/02 21:19

Hi There,

Thank you, I've done a reset even firmware upgrade...

S O L cal reads same wrong value... Even using friend calibration set... This cal set works fine on his NanoVNA....

Frustrating... Feels like I bought an expensive brick....


N8AUM 2021/08/03 21:03

Has it ever worked ?

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