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NanoVNA V2 battery

joe.roseberry 2020/08/16 14:07


What are the specs of the lithium battery I need to buy for the S-A-A-2 ?
Will it fit in the case being sold by HCXQS ?


OwO 2020/08/17 12:00

It's 6 x 40 x 60 mm with JST-XH connector, and it fits between the LCD
board and main board. Anything > 1000mAh will be fine.

On 17/08/2020 05:07, wrote:

ac9vn_2019 2020/08/22 09:14

Yes, I found all that out. What is the voltage ?

OwO 2020/08/22 09:16

Any 3.6V/3.7V li-ion cell will do.

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