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NanoVNA V2: What means "coherent bandwidth" ?

Bobinuta Bobinel 2021/07/03 10:27

Hi all,
Looking at the specifications from the FAQ ( ) and at the OwO posts that is quoting them ( ) , I see a term that I cannot understand : " *coherent bandwidth* ".
" Additionally, the V2 is not suited to very narrowband measurements ( *coherent bandwidth <1kHz* ) "
So I make a call to OwO (as an official maintainer) or to anyone else - please explain a little bit to me that term - "coherent bandwidth".
Of course, while we are talking about a filter!
I mention that I read what Wikipedia says about "coherence bandwidth" - but there is about a channel / cellular communication path and my knowledge doesn't allow me to translate that explanation to a filter.

Thanks a lot and have a nice week-end,

OwO 2021/07/04 00:38

The bandwidth over which the DUT's gain changes significantly. So in other words the frequency resolution should be treated as >1kHz.

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