pleonard 2023/05/02 19:42

I've recently been playing around with a NanoVNA V2 Plus4 and I'm rather confused by the points option. From the specs, it states: "1 – 1024 points (with NanoVNA-QT software). More points (up to 65535) are possible depending on the performance of your PC."

* Via the touchscreen, the maximum number of points is 201.
* *Via NanoVNA-QT, I can indeed set the points anywhere between 1 and 1024 as expected.*
* Via NanoVNA-saver, under Manage -> Datapoints, it lists 11, 51, 101, 201, 301, 501, 1023 -- why only this discrete list?
* Via, the script throws an error (bytes read does not match bytes detected) if anything over 101 is requested.
* Via the manual, we find the following info:








Read NN values from a FIFO at address AA.

Reply is the read values in order.
Each value can be more than one byte and is determined by the FIFO being read.

where (NN) is a byte, so how can one even specify a value beyond 256?

So what gives? Why does there seem to be so much variation in implementation of this feature? And what exactly is NanoVNA-QT doing that these python implementations aren't doing?

Thank you for feedback.