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NanoVNA V2 Plus4 availability

Markus Schrodt 2021/01/15 13:02

Hi All
A friend of mine was recently trying to buy us a NanoVNA V2 Plus 4 over
Tindie, the transaction was unsucessful, there was something wrong with
shipping the device did not arrive, the money was refunded.
Now this particular model is sold out, I was wondering if there are any
plans for the production of another batch and if, then when?

OwO 2021/01/15 20:12

It's probably going to be available after CNY, so in a month or so.
There isn't a lot of stock being kept because of the possibility of
design changes etc.

F1RVC 2021/01/15 13:13

It is out if stock for more than one month ago on Tindle, but It is
available on Nanorfe Aliexpress store.... I just received mine ordered et
the beginning of this month....

Le ven. 15 janv. 2021 à 13:04, Markus Schrodt <> a écrit :

Markus Schrodt 2021/01/15 14:22

Do you mean this store?
Displays out of stock for me.

Am 2021-01-15 um 13:13 schrieb F1RVC:

F1RVC 2021/01/15 14:56

Yes, you are not lucky, two days ago , it was not sold out. because at
the end of december it was sold out everywhere, I registered my mail on
Tindle waiting list, but nothing new (and still nothing new today) . At
the same time I had a look on Aliexpress Nanorfe store and had the surprise
of new arrival on december 31th... ordered one , and it arrived yesterday.
I checked again two days ago when having a look at the delivery update and
they were still available last wednesday....
If I were you I will register on NanoRfe store on Aliexpress.

[image: image.png]


Le ven. 15 janv. 2021 à 14:22, Markus Schrodt <> a écrit :

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