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NanoVNA-V2 --- trying to open metal #case

DG7RBN 2021/05/14 12:48

Hi group members,
has anybody succeded in opening the metal case of this type of V2 hardware (without brute force ;-)
Please see attached image. I want to replace the battery.
Thank your for any pointers or help
Andreas DG7RBN

DiSlord 2021/05/14 13:26

it is necessary to unscrew the nuts on the RF connectors, remove the panel, unscrew the 4 screws at the bottom, and pull out the boards

DG7RBN 2021/05/15 00:34

I had the nuts of the SMA connectors and the bottom screws already unscrewed without success. Otherwise I would not have posted :-)

The "front panel" with the SAA-2 print does not come loose. Either it is "press fitted" or glued to the metal case ?!? I had pulled rather hard on the SMA connectors, did not want to break anything, but nothing moved out. Also the small power slide switch on the side seems to block the slide out of the boards.
More ideas or experiences ?

DiSlord 2021/05/15 01:02

Need remove panel on RF connectors

Stephen Laurence 2021/05/15 01:15

I have the v2N (two actually) with the same metal case design (I think), only bigger.

It is possible that the top plate with the sma connectors through it is jammed between the front and back of the case, due to some pressure in the past. Gently prising the front and back plates apart slightly until the front top plate is loose should allow you to jiggle it out. It will be obvious how to move the innards to allow the power switch to clear.

A bit of patience and a “feel” when the top plate (with sma nuts loose) is freed will tell you what to do next.

Steve L

DG7RBN 2021/05/16 13:55

Thanks a lot for the input. It made me confident, that there are no hidden clips or screws.
With the help of two more hands (widening the outer case), a small knife and a screwdriver I was able to pull out the front panel.
Some guy from "final assembly in CN" had crammed the panel fiercely into place causing a burr and a notch in the case.
Battery replaced, all OK :-)

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