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NanoVNA Saver on Raspberry Pi

Dieter Horst 2021/05/02 09:19

I wonder if anyone has managed to run NanoVNA Saver on a Raspberry Pi. All I can find so far is that most people who tried it had no success. (Including myself...)
The usual error message is "ModuleNotFoundError: No module named PyQt5".

PyQt5 is on the Raspberry but there seems to be some naming/reference issue. I am stuck here with my limited Linux knowledge...

Dieter DL5RDO

Dieter Horst 2021/05/18 13:58

Today, I found the solution, just recently published by Mike Richards, G4WNC.

Works great on my Pi3B+ with a freshly installed Raspbian.

Have fun!

Dieter DL5RDO

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