Beware of cheap underperforming clones

As of 2022 there are many badly performing clones on the market. V2/3GHz NanoVNA uses parts like ADF4350 and AD8342 which are costly and clones have been cutting costs by using salvaged or reject parts.

See official store and look for V2 Plus4/V2 Plus4 Pro versions only to avoid getting a bad clone. We have stopped selling V2.2 versions since October 2020, so all V2 hardware that are not Plus or Plus4 are not made by us and we can not guarantee performance.

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NanoVNA-F V2

hwalker 2020/09/19 05:47

For members who have been waiting for a NanoVNA-F product that goes to 3GHz, SYSJOINT has announced the development of the NanoVNA-F_V2 3G mini vector network analyzer. Specifications are at

From the product page ....

"The product is designed based on the edy55 NanoVNA and OwOcomm's S-A-A-V2, and based on the previous generation's NanoVNA-F software depth optimization, the operating interface is compatible with NanoVNA-F, the measurement range is extended to 3GHz, the dynamic range is greater, the measurement is more accurate"

If the product has managed to incorporate OwOcomm's S-A-A-V2 hardware design with the NanoVNA-F's console command interface then I will definitely be evaluating it for future purchase by my ham club.

Seems like the NanoVNA ecosphere keeps getting better and better.

- Herb

OwO 2020/09/19 21:34

This is the kind of development we like to see, and is the reason we
open sourced the S-A-A-2 in the first place. Sysjoint's team added value
by integrating the -F firmware with the V2, modifying the circuit to fit
a larger MCU, moving RF connectors to the side, and porting the firmware
to support a 4.3 inch display. It looks like they have put significant
effort into this and understand the value of R&D, and thus have priced
their product reasonably.

The ecosystem relies on developers (like us and edy555) sharing
knowledge and designs, and depends entirely on vendors playing fair. If
sysjoint plays it well, I'll point to this in the future as an example
of what to do, since I have already pointed to examples of what NOT to do.

On 19/09/2020 20:47, hwalker wrote:

Aleksander Shalygin 2020/09/19 09:33

My bitter experience with V2 killed my optimism.
I stand to the side and watch.

aleks07111971 2020/09/19 13:06

Will you implement work on harmonics up to 6 GHz?

hwalker 2020/09/19 16:36

On Sat, Sep 19, 2020 at 01:06 PM, <> wrote:

Will you implement work on harmonics up to 6 GHz?
Currently no NanoVNA-F device has been announced with plans past 3GHz. Leon has announced the following for his next generation device:

" We are preparing a higher performance portable VNA, which is expected to have the following features.
1. Will not be named "-F V2".
2. The measurement frequency can reach at least 3GHz.
3. At least 5-inch IPS display with capacitive touch.
4. Type N RF sockets.
5. Spectrum analysis function with limited performance.
6. AM & FM demodulation function.

So, the new product is more like a multifunctional radio tester rather than a simple VNA."

The combined VNA and spectrum analysis capability sounds intriguing.

- Herb

Siegfried Jackstien 2020/09/20 00:41

am and fm MODULATION ??? 18650 cells (two with spare room to add another

serarate the connectors a bit (higher isolation)

guessing behind a 5 inch is enough room for 4 cells?? (and 5 inch sure
needs more current)

just an idea

dg9bfc sigi

Am 19.09.2020 um 23:36 schrieb hwalker:

hommadi2001 2020/09/20 01:18


One small piece of change I have seen in the photos of this -F V2 model is that the ports are now numbered Port 1 and Port 2. NOT Port 0 and Port 1.

That makes sense because the indices below the S parameters refer to their position within the S parameter matrix which in turn refers to the port numbers.

Beast Regards,

Hector Pascal 2020/09/20 03:30

Yes I agree with Mohammed, Labelling the PORTS Ch 0, Ch 1 is confusing to new users, who don't understand the math basis of S parameters.
Port 1, Port 2 are the BEST labels.

Richard Linder 2020/09/30 05:10

Jason Ringas 2020/12/12 23:07

Greetings All:

Does anybody have a NanoVNA-F V2 by Sysjoint?  If so, have you tried to upgrade to the new 0.1.0 firmware?  I tried to upgrade a couple of days ago and the unit had some weird problems where I couldn't select menu items or close menu windows.  I had to revert to the older firmware.  I sent an email to the Sysjoint people but haven't received a reply yet.  I'm wondering if anyone else has had the same problem.



Mike Millen 2020/12/13 09:22

Did you recalibrate the touch screen?
It's usually required after new firmware.

Mike - M0MLM

*From:* Jason Ringas []
*Sent:* Sunday, 13 December 2020, 7:07 am
*Subject:* [nanovnav2] NanoVNA-F V2

C.M. 2020/12/13 02:46

I do have a F-v2 upgraded to 0.1.0 but I did not experience your issues. I noticed else though.
There is also a separate group for the F-v2:

Jason Ringas 2020/12/13 12:49

On 2020-12-13 4:22 a.m., Mike Millen wrote:
> Did you recalibrate the touch screen?
> It's usually required after new firmware.

I did, but it still had problems. I tried it again just a few minutes
ago and it still didn't work properly.

Jason Ringas 2020/12/13 12:51

On 2020-12-13 5:46 a.m., C.M. wrote:
> I do have a F-v2 upgraded to 0.1.0 but I did not experience your issues.
> I noticed else though.
> There is also a separate group for the F-v2:

Thanks for the tip. I subscribed to that group too.

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