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Nano VNA 2 Plus 4 and bluetooth

Giuseppe Marullo 2021/04/01 07:04

I  mean,
is it any place where serial port signals could be picked up and used to interface with a BT serial interface?
I understand that the software on the pc side would not work out of the box, but it could be really handy, like miniVNA pro/2.

Giuseppe Marullo

DiSlord 2021/04/01 22:30

No V2 not have free serial interface pins, but NanoVNA-H/H4 allow use this (work any serial to ttl adapters)

Siegfried Jackstien 2021/04/03 23:09

rewire of one button would free second uart ... maybe worth a try??

Am 02.04.2021 um 05:30 schrieb DiSlord:

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