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NEED HELP!! How to log raw data from nanoVNA V2 real time! #nanovna-saver

zhenghuanpeng 2021/07/08 09:58

I am trying to analyze the signal change using ML, in this case, I need to log the real-time raw data from the nanoVNA into a file. Does anyone know how to do this? I need the data to be in timestamp - frequency- magnitude kinda format.
Also, I found that the sampling rate on nanovnasaver is extremely slow, however, it is faster on nanovna QT. Does anyone know how to speed it up on the nanovnasaver?
Thank you!

Joe Smith 2021/07/09 15:36

If you could provide more details, I may be able to help you but you would have to run my software.  What S-parameters do you need?   Do you really need a time stamp or is having the data in ascending order good enough?   Can you provide exactly what you need the output format to be?

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