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Metal case

Andres Ogayar 2020/08/15 09:55

Hi, group.

I've just received NanoVNA V2. It is a great product, and works no problem.

But mina cames without metal case, and Iven't been able to locate the metal case alone for it.

Can anybody post a link?


Andres, Ea7FkT.

OwO 2020/08/16 01:19

Right now the only way to get a metal case V2 is a clone, e.g. the 3.2
inch "black gold" one on banggood. If you just need a case there are
also 3D printed case designs here:
The V2 Plus4 (4 inch display one) will probably come with a metal case,
but it'll depend on whether we can solve the signal reflection issue
(worsened isolation above 2.7GHz due to reflections from the enclosure

On 16/08/2020 00:55, Andres Ogayar wrote:

John tf 2020/08/16 07:29

There are some issues reported on other sites stating that metal cases are creating performance issues .
Dave's EEVblog ,


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