Phil, WF3W 2022/03/09 10:01

Good rainy day,

Im starting to enter the post-ignorance level but the following escape me:

In the top, left of the display, I find *S11 Linear 1/0.0012* ,  for what is *0.0012* a value?

Obsessed with, finding cable lengths, Im getting 3, conflicting values, on the display:

1] top, right: *M1: 50.3ns (5.075m* );

2] under *S11 CABLE* , I get lengths from mm to hundreds of meters, with TRANSFORM on and off, as I move the marker through frequencies

3] bottom, right: *STOP 104ns (10.31m* )

Assuming "m" stands for meters, which value/length is correct or closer to the actual length of 54 feet, 16.45m ? WHICH value is supposed to be correct/closest? I have fiddled with a START freq of *50KHz* and values from *800MHz to 3GHz* , for STOP

Thanks for your attention & Elmering.


Phil, *WF3W*