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Input protector for the NanoVNA with the TVS diodes

OK1VAW 2021/10/14 14:29

Although I put the info on the Facebook too, maybe not all are there.
I have designed and tested a simple input ESD protector with TVS diodes. Details and measurement you can find here in the article: ( )
If you have any questions or proposal, feel free to ask.
OK1VAW Vojtech.

ploegmma 2021/10/15 00:38

Maybe you like the RF Power Snitch for protecting your nanoVNA:

Reinier Gerritsen 2021/10/15 10:15

I protected my nanovna V2.2 with a TVS diode: ESD101B102ELE6327XTMA1, a
5.5V TVS bi-directional diode from Infineon, 0.1 pF capacitance.
Soldered directly at the input on the pcb. I did not see any difference
in return loss matching.

Op 14-10-2021 om 23:29 schreef OK1VAW:

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