Phil, WF3W 2022/02/14 09:09

Gooday to all VNA clued-in & clueless,

I believe I have stumbled upon a major block, for my head, getting properly configured-for-measurement, with an SAA2-N, v1.1 of Dec 2021.

After reading, and acting upon, the *incredibly,* Elmer-award-eligible, informative docs, from Martin Svaco, *9A2JK* and Bill Ruggirello, *NC4BR* , I found some points, possibly mandating new inclusions.

Without uploading voluminous pix, as exemplars, allow me describe, what for me , raises confusion, between & among, configuring VNA TRACES, MARKERS and TRANSFORM. Working through examples, in the above publications, my screen kept changing values, as well as parameters, from step-to-step. In some cases, info that should have appeared, at the very top of the screen - e.g., SWR, active trace - did not. Trying combination after permutation, I stumpled, again, upon what can be described, only, as a caprice of mother nature, viz., all apropos info appeared on-screen.

Svaco makes clear, the only hierarchy in configuring for type of measurement is performing calibration dead last.  Therefore, I am forced to conclude Im dealing with interactions.

Both Bill & Martin make no mention of TRANSFORM or MARKERS in any confgure procedure. Following are the steps I follow, dealing with TRACES only, in order, but only ONE trace at-a-time:
1] TRACE  to display

2] channel to be used

3] TRACE format

4] Scale

5] Reference Position

6] Sweep Freq & range

7] calibrate

Where would attention to TRANSFORM be necessary, if at all?

I thank-you, in advance, for any attention and emendations.

Phil, *WF3W*