Anne Ranch 2023/06/12 08:27

How to run nanoVNASaver  in debug mode using QT?

Please accept my apology  for off the “nanoVNA’ subject post.

This is YALS  - yet another long shot  post , but there may be sombody here who “been there , done that”…
(Only)  in that case , please share your knowledge – otherwise PLEASE
do not waste your time sharing other opinions of yours - PLEASE

I am C/C++ user of QT  and I am somewhat familiar with Python.
I can “clone “  but QT won’t run it "as is" since it is NOT .pro file.

I did post similar  question in QT forum and so far received NO response.
So I am posting it here, hoping somebody knows how to “convert .py  to  .pro  file”.

My guess is - I may have to learn  how to use “
“make”… but I am not sure.

Thanks for reading.