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How do you jog left of right or left while using the VNA Q-T software and the V2P4 is connected to the USB port on a laptop?

Walter Egenmaier 2022/01/05 20:39

With the V2P4 on it's own, one can jog left of right using the bottoms on the front.
When hooked to a laptop and using VNA Q-T software, how can I jog left or right between Start and Stop to get the SWR at a certain freq or see the lowest SWR on that antenna. I see what I think is the average SWR near the bottom of the graph which changes all the time, but stays around 1.15.
Let's say I put in START of 7.1 MHz and STOP of 7.3 MHz and want to see what the SWR is at 7.253 MHz, how would I jog to that freq to see what the SWR is?


F1RVC 2022/01/06 10:27

Hi, use a Marker....


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